Trello board to ReactAdmin frontend

October 2, 2019

Trello is cool to manage lists. However, Cards are a bit ugly, and not designed to be shown as reactAdmin pretty does.
Idea: show a frontend reactadmin, using trello as data source :)

About ReactAdmin is an easy way to build a react frontend from rest resource, or json source. It’s really easy, try it ;)

generate react admin from trello board

About Trello

I guess you know trello: it’s an app (for phones) and a website (for browser) which allows you to manage todo-list or projects using a simple rows view.

convert trelloboard to reactadmin ui

How to convert your trello board in a react admin frontend?

I’m a cool guy, I give you my sources


$ git clone  
$ cd trello2react  
$ make install  

Get trello credentials

About parsers

I have 2 boards: one about video games collection, and another about movies collection. And I want pictures on each card :)
I wrote one parser which retrieves informations about video games (using, and another one which retrieves movies information (from If you want to use it, replace the parser value with igdb or tvdb and follow guidelines from the

If your board isn’t about video games or movies, just put raw in parser node, it will convert each column from your trello board to a react admin category.

Fetch data from trello

$ make fetch  

Build static version

Want to use your awesome reactadmin ui as a git page? You can build static html/css/js/json files using the build makefile command:

$ make build  

Start local server

To watch the result:

$ make start  
Let's twitt about it!

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