Manage your jekyll blog as a cms with

April 23, 2019

Did you know that uses jekyll as blog engine? Jekyll is a tool written in ruby to generate static html pages from markdown files. And github pages are jekyll-friendly (you can read more about it here:

But a static files generator has some limits: if you don’t like cli or ide (strange thought, by the way), you cannot use it as a real CMS: no WYSIWYG to help you to write your articles, neither title/category/tags management.

Fortunately, some free online services can help you, like

How to use it?

You can create a free account, and just connect your github account. will parse your files, retrieve your collections (for example, your posts), and will show you a simple ui with which you’ll can edit a lot of things.

github pages cms jekyll forestry

To conclude…

However, I love the cli and my IDE, so … useless find ;)

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