Multiplix - an angularjs multiplication game for children

February 10, 2020

I know that angularjs is outdated, but I find it’s a fast way to do simple projects. For example, multiplix :)
Mutiplix is a little (and simple) game for children, which helps to learn the multiplication tables.

simple multiplication game for children

The cell will become green if the typed result is correct.
If you refresh the page, some cells will be blanked, and … it’s up to you to fill it :)

You can check the sources in the multiplix github repository, or try it online: multiplix

Want an android version?

Using docker, you can easilly generate a standalone apk to use the game on your phone or tablet:

$ make build    
$ make install    
$ make android    
$ make package    

This will generate an apk file to the dist folder. Or you can simply download the apk in the repository:

(But design needs adjustments for phone screens :s)

Let's twitt about it!

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