Earn passive income with windows

February 3, 2022

In a previous article (How to earn money with a raspbery pi), I written about earnapp, which makes earn money with a raspberry pi.

By the way, you can do it with your windows or mac os computer, thanks to HoneyGain (Yeah I know, earnapp can be installed on a computer too…). HoneyGain is also working on Android.

passive earnings on windows

The main difference with earnapp is the payment threeshold: on HoneyGain), it’s from 20$ (vs 5$ on earnapp).

The other difference is the “cdn” feature: this will allow honeyGain to use your bandwith as a cdn for other clients. Another good point: no need to link a google account.

And all the “how-it-works” it’s really simply explained on her documentation. You have to notice that vpn-use is forbidden.

I personnaly started to use it, and the earnings are similar to earnapp (~0,5cts per day): why don’t use the both? ;)

Have a look on HoneyGain, and try it!

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