How to earn money with your raspberry pi

January 2, 2022

How to earn money with a raspbery pi? It’s simple, with earnapp.

What do you need

How to install?

At first, register on It’s free and fast. Next, you have to install the earnapp client on your raspberry pi:

wget -qO- > /tmp/ 
sudo bash /tmp/

After the install, you obtain a device id to copy/paste on your earnapp dashboard.

How does it work

Your raspberry pi will be used as a scrapper by big companies. The more your bandwith will be used, the more you will earn. Nothing to do after install.

I actually earn 0,50€ per day. Not a dream, but on a month, it’s best than nothing. You will be paid by paypal, when you reach 5$. I really received the payment :)

Try it on!

Any question? Ask on twitter directly: @EarnApp_team

And if you want another similar service for windows or macos, have a look on HoneyGain (more informations on this other article: “Earn passive income with windows” ) ;)

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