- Les fails des clients

September 1, 2011
fails-clients-fun-humour Tout le monde connait le site (si ce n'est pas le cas, visitez le, d'URGENCE ! ^). Dans le même style, The customer is not always right ("le client n'a pas toujours raison") vous propose des fails de clients. On retrouve notamment du support téléphonique, ou des témoignages de vendeurs. Croustillant, mais en anglais. Par exemple :
Me: ?Hello, thanks for calling [store], my name is Asia. How can I help you?? Customer: ?Asia! Like the country?? Me: ?It?s a continent.? Customer: ?Oh! I never was that good at geometry!?
(The store I work at does engravings on items people bring in. A woman comes in with a bag of name tags.) Customer: ?How much would it be to get two of these engraved?? Me: ?$22.? Customer: ?What! Thats ridiculous! I just bought a bunch of wedding stuff here last week!? Me: ?I?m sorry you don?t agree with the price. It?s not something I can change.? Customer: ?Ugh! That?s just way too expensive! I?m never shopping here again after this! I just bought a bunch of wedding stuff here a few weeks ago!? Me: ?How did your wedding order turn out?? Customer: ?It was great. I loved it.? Me: ?Good. So, are these name tags for your company?? Customer: ?Yes, we have a customer service event on Thursday.? Me: ?So your company is paying for the engraving, not you?? Customer: ?Yes.? Me: ?Then why are you so upset?? Customer: *blank look* ?It?s Monday??
Customer: ?Can I get a cheeseburger and a bottle of water?? Me: ?Yes, that?s $3.70, please.? (The customer holds out five napkins and starts counting them. He then hands them to me as payment.) Me: ?Sorry, do you have $3.70?? Customer: *points at napkins* ?Yea, there! Look!? Me: ?Those are not money. Do you have any money to pay?? Customer: ?Yeah! I?m paying with napkins!? Coworker: ?Sorry, we only take money?? (Eventually, security had to come and him (and his napkins) away from the tills.)
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